A lot of people get impatient waiting for their food to arrive. Domino's is making sure that impatience doesn't lead to hangriness  by entertaining the hungry.




We understand how hard it can be to wait for your food to arrive so, we made a game that you can play once you order your food. Slice’d is a new addition to our app with fun mini-games that you can complete in 30 minutes, the exact number of minutes it takes for your Domino's delivery to arrive at your doorstep.

smash the dough.png

#1 Smash the dough

The prep cook called in sick and the chef is freaking out cos he is all alone in the kitchen. Help the chef meet up with his many orders by tapping your phone screen to smash the dough. You have only 10 minutes to complete this task so tap really fast.

pizza toss.png

#2 Pizza toss

The chef can't move around because he is buried under a pile of orders. Help him get all the items he will need by steering a pizza and tossing pepperonis in the right direction to knock down the items. Can you get them all within 10 minutes?

#3 Delivery Boy

Pizza is ready! But where is the delivery guy? You have to deliver the pizzas yourself but I must warn you, there are dangers everywhere. Avoid obstacles and collect pizza slices at the same time in order to make it to your destination. The clock is ticking, 10 minutes is all you've got, move now!

AR game.jpg


Don't toss out the box after the last slice, now you can do something fun with it. Simply point your phone at your Domino’s box and play the AR board game online with your friends or strangers.


Domino's will promote the mini games at places where people are waiting.

Bus shelter


Subway kiosk

Pre roll situ.jpg

Counting down together to the skip button.



AD: Maaike Pull     Tutor: Daniel Sumbang - Miami Ad School NYC